An impromptu journey

Journey which was totally unpredictable and unplanned. Journey that enters into the life suddenly and changes everything overnight. Journey which become so significant which change not only the planning but also the dreams about life(future life). Hebha, a smart confident lady, who is doing wonderful in her life. doesn’t have any questions or guilt, sheContinue reading “An impromptu journey”

I’m alone but not incomplete

In our country(India), every human being grown with such a thought that after a certain age everyone should have their companion. And to have it a social affair takes place which is named as “marriage”. Well, those who pass through it very good. By chance if anyone couldn’t, they become the inferior part of theContinue reading “I’m alone but not incomplete”

One more valentine’s day..

Dear, do u remember ourFirst valentine’s day, Our first yearLove celebration, How could I forgot, The glimpse in your eyes, And blush in ur cheeksStill,still I rememberI remembered the phraseU utteredToday I’m the world’s happiest personI’m very today, Now,wht happen dear, Don’t u want to celebrate with me… I’m still waiting for ur msg, OneContinue reading “One more valentine’s day..”

Love is love “Love” is easy Love is complicated Love can be defined Still it remains undefined It creates problems and gives the solutions too, What can u say about love Is it a verb Is it a adjective Or is it just a feeling Yes, now I can relate It’s a bunch of emotionsContinue reading

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