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Few Guidelines for basketball 🏀🏀

1. Should have regular communication with parents ( regarding coaching) * During classes, there will be some days where a Child couldn’t perform well like other days. Then the coach can interact with the parents regarding it, to know the problem. Whether he is eating well or not, having proper sleep or not, do theyContinue reading “Few Guidelines for basketball 🏀🏀”


Time to answr the questions..

Hey my dear blogger family, as u all know teacher’s day is arriving soon. So i have a list of questions for u… I will be really very grateful if u can share ur views in the comment.. I’ll post ur answrs in the next blog…excited to see ur answers friends… Here we go

My new experiences..

After a long time, my writing pad seems like keep on calling me.. come on dimple, it’s a high time …scribble something.. So, here i decided to share few of my experiences through traveling.. Today I’m gonna a share a much adorable experience of mine.. I met a 70yrs old couple, they taught me theContinue reading “My new experiences..”

Letter to Dear,

I woke up today with different feeling, a sense of pride filled my heart, a sense of happiness shine in my eye.. No, u didn’t do anything special for me neither we had a Lubby dubby chat yesterday… I don’t know how and why this happened to me. But it happened .. Like everyday routine,Continue reading “Letter to Dear,”

The unsung warrior- Netaji

India has witnessed many freedom fighters. Some of them became really famous. Whenever we speak about independence, the names which strike out our mind are Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru. But we forget that there are also some great personalities, who gave their blood and soul to the country. Alas!! Remain as unsung. Very few peopleContinue reading “The unsung warrior- Netaji”


Imagine a tiny room with lots of unscramble stuff here and there. It’s so much fill, that there is no scope even to stand. Though how ever you try to makeout a place there. Will u feel comfortable over there. No, there will be suffocation, right. You will not at all feel pleased over there.Continue reading “Space”

It’s complicated

Usse pyaar karna nhii cchhod sakti, Par usse expect karna cchhod sakti hun Uske liye feel karna nhii cchhod sakti Par uske bagair rehna seekh sakti hun, Uska kisi aur ka ho na Dekh sakti hun Par khudko kisi aur ka bana nhii sakti Is confusion mein rah sakhti hun Ki ussey mujhse pyaar haiContinue reading “It’s complicated”

Kya tum wapas aaoge

क्या तुम वापस आओगे आजकल इक सवाल मेरे ज़हन में रहता है,क्या तुम लौट आओगे। क्या हम फिरसे वह पल और वक़्त जिएगे जैसे हमने पहले बिताए थे। क्या फिर्ससे मेरे चेहरे पे वह हसीं खीलेगी। क्या फिर्स मेरी आखों की चमक लौट आएगी। आजकल में बहुत बचकानी हरकते कर रही हूं। तुम विश्वाश नहींContinue reading “Kya tum wapas aaoge”

In the Jar

Hold it tight It’s ready to reveal Yes I know, it’s struggling alot To come out To show off But beware it can’t You know very well Y it can’t be free It’s good for all To let it be .. Once again hold it tightly It’s better to be with thee .. Hold theContinue reading “In the Jar”


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