What’s new???

You know friend, whenever I think about any topic. I always felt what’s new in this?? These are so regular ones.. why would anyone like to read my blog. And I waste most of the time in searching the answer. I would say, most of my productive time… I follow other’s blogs,writings even youtubers toContinue reading “What’s new???”


I strongly believe that,everyone comes in our life purposely. There is some purpose in their visit… Few visit us to make strong and few comes to teach us life lessons.. Ha some visits though we like earlier but later we hate it. But there is also a purpose… Ha they may makes us cry andContinue reading “Purpose”

Hey listen

Listen dear, let the tears fall from your eyes… They are struggling alot inside to comeout.. let them roll down from your cheeks… Your beautiful eyes shouldn’t be fill with them.. It should be fill with queries..and that spark which is hidden behind the tears let them come out dear… You know something, it’s goodContinue reading “Hey listen”

Don’t try

Don’t try to Control tears The more you control More they fall Let them shed Along with it Let them take away your sadness Your restlessness Your worries… Don’t hold them back If you… They will destroy your happiness Let them shed Let them shed Don’t control Don’t control Let them shed…

Trust me

Trust me there will be a brighter day, Trust me there will be blossomed flowers, Trust me the air will be smoothy again, Trust me one day Everything gonna be normal Trust me one day Will fill with happiness Trust me one day U will not be alone Trust me There will be a smileContinue reading “Trust me”

Need help

Oh god!!! Please help me… Today I’m just can’t control myself.. why do am behaving like this??? Doing all shit things… I know he don’t want to talk with me.. then why I am insanely waiting for him, why I want to talk with him.. he is happy in his own world. Let him be…Continue reading “Need help”

Vocal for local

This pandemic has taught many life lessons to us. We come across many facts about life and trying to pass it successfully… In this challenging period, one more challenge confront us by our honorable prime minister modiji. He gave the slogan ‘vocal for local’.. He adress the people with this slogan. Which is gud. HeContinue reading “Vocal for local”


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