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Time to answr the questions..

Hey my dear blogger family, as u all know teacher’s day is arriving soon. So i have a list of questions for u… I will be really very grateful if u can share ur views in the comment.. I’ll post ur answrs in the next blog…excited to see ur answers friends… Here we go


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One thought on “Time to answr the questions..

  1. as an RN we are always in the teaching mode to our patients. but during my career i taught other nurses how to be nurses and i taught people to become paramedics. i know this is not exactly what you are referring to, but i think can answer your questions.
    1. i have the ability to share my knowledge to others in a way they remember and learn. it is exciting to see their growth and use the things i taught them in their job. impart knowledge to others
    3. yes
    4. everyone may be able to do the job you are teaching them to do, but not all can impart the knowledge of the job to others. a teacher not only knows the “how” but the :why” and able to make others understand.
    5. no see above
    6. all should be respected
    7. it is not where someone works or with what company that makes a person better. it is the person themselves. both places have good and bad.
    8. teachers are and have always been important. a teacher can spend more time with a child than a parent.
    9. teachers are not paid enough for the importance they are in life. salary does not mean someone is better than another.
    10. one should be as well rounded in what they teach and be able to apply what they teach to everyday life. a person can gain insight into life by reading about others. it may help you to understand those you are trying to teach.
    I hope this helps.


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