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My new experiences..

After a long time, my writing pad seems like keep on calling me.. come on dimple, it’s a high time …scribble something..

So, here i decided to share few of my experiences through traveling..

Today I’m gonna a share a much adorable experience of mine.. I met a 70yrs old couple, they taught me the most beautiful lessons of the life ..

1 Age is just a number : Though they’re so old they deny it…Yeah it’s funny right. They don’t want to commit that they are old. Especially the uncle. He is just keep on saying, ” Common man I’m still such a young soul.. There’s a still far to go. We the youngsters where felt like a grown up people and tried to behave like one. The oldy taught me how to be young in your thoughts, action and Live…

2. Love is forever and should be expressive : The couple taught me that love never dies with the time. If u r together wid each other, it doesn’t mean ur love will vanish for ur partner. Even it keeps on growing as u grow older. And my friend it’s very very very important to express and convey it .

3. Respect for the younger one .:. If u are a n experienced one it doesn’t mean u should feel like the superior or not respect other ideas. May be others are naive , but we should respect their views and agree them on their perspective…


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Present here to develop my writing skills.

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