Nowadays this word is being enemy for me… Everyone including younger and elders throbing their so-called suggestions on me…

*Behave*, behave like a grown up. Now can please anyone tell me, how to behave like a grown up. As if I’m a grown up, it doesn’t mean that I should stop laughing at public places, I should stop eating candies and ice creams, I shouldnot swing … Is it any kind of my punishment. But waht is my fault. To be a grown up. Seriously!!!

I’m just annoyed from this word.. guys do you too think in a same way.. please tell me na

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7 thoughts on “Behave

  1. Just be you. Whomever “you” are. If you want to play on swings play on swings. If you want to eat candies eat candies. There is nothing that says swings and candies are just for kids. Be the adult that you are. And by the way I’m sure all those people who tell you to be an adult do some of the same things that you do. And sometimes I think they’re just jealous because you like doing those things and they have forgotten how to do those things.

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  2. 😊
    काश कुछ कह पाते उन्हें
    जिन्हें कहते हम बड़े यहा
    वो भी तो कभी बच्चे थे
    समझा पाते उन्हें यहा।।

    दिन बदले सोच बदले
    सोच स्थाई ना कभी यहा
    आपके भी दिन आएगे कभी
    जब आप बच्चो को डाटोगे यहा।।

    तब पड़ना आप इसी पोस्ट को
    तब याद अत्तित करना यहा
    समय कभी ना रुके धरा
    याद यह दिन करना करना यहा।।

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  3. Waited till
    My 40’s to
    Grow up
    Tried it for
    5 Years
    Up Again
    Kills Your
    Ya Old
    And Even
    Dead Living…

    -Peter Pan
    The Dude, No Myth;
    Shall i Prove It;
    Yes i Do
    On With
    Green Wings
    Suggesting Free🎶🧚‍♂️

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  4. I’m with you. That phrase just makes me feel like “grrrrrr” inside. I’m 69 and I love wearing bright colors, not black, dressing comfortably, skipping if I feel like it, whooping if I feel like it….just because so many people walk around acting so dead, keeping everything inside doesn’t mean you have to, too. And besides….what IS a grown up?

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