Bus-stop waala love

Love..The most innocent lovestories I found in bus stops..

Let’s today travel to past. To our college and school days..

Do you remember?? How we used to wait at bus-stop for our schl/clg bus.

Dozens of girls and boys,wearing uniforms. Girls in their cute ponytail with ribbon,short skirts. Boys with their lean body,and unarranged hair. We looked so weird and cute na..

And among us,in our batch. Some of the boys and girls get attracted to each other. Though they are standing with their individual groups. But their full focus is at other one…

If one of them got late,the other batch members used to feel more.

That innocent eye-contact, that waiting,such moments are so adorable na…

Many love stories begin here and unfortunately end up here…

Some donot dare to express,to prupose.. Some do dare,but destiny is different..

Whatever it is, whether it is incomplete or immature. At any stage of life,if we remind that moments it only brings smile in our face…

And that smile is priceless and such love is adorable..

I’m poorly bad luck,not to have such bus-stop waala love…

What about you guys, do you ever had such amazing feelings???

Don’t be shy to share with us…

Good night everyone…

Thank you for your precious time…

Thanks alot for reading…

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Present here to develop my writing skills.

16 thoughts on “Bus-stop waala love

  1. Indeed… bachpan ki bat bhi kuch aur hoti hai…. Dosto ka vo kah kah k tease krna k.. dekh tujhe hi dekh rhi…. fir vo bat krne me impression kharab hone ka…. hesitation…. kya kahe…sab moh maya hai…. jo tair nikla, bach gya kisi trah, ya bs par ho gya

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  2. Your post just took me to my school days.. The innocent eye contact and searching for that stranger whom we see daily in bus stop… its just explainable… Now we can make affairs so easily but the happiness of just eye contact and those sights are irreplaceable..

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  3. There was one gal in high school who would have loved to go with me to the Prom, etc.—but I didn’t know she existed—until after. she had a nervous breakdown and in the Psychiatric center, she recognized my Dads last name—-the Protestant Chaplain at that hospital. at her request and with Dad’s help, I visited her several times that summer after graduation…the last time, she was headed to a half-way house and was healing.

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  4. Other than the potholes on the road.. everything was great travelling in a bus!😅 We pretend as if no one is watching, but we clearly see those two eyes, whose eyes never take off. Show off karne ka koi mauka nai chod dethi!😅

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