Simple girl with difficult life

The girl who always dreamt to have a simple life,but never had that. A kiss in a forehead, family dinner, small house, a life partner which are very simple one for everyone. It is difficult for her.

She don’t know,whether to judge the god or to blame herself. She even don’t know why she can’t get a simple life.

She never dreamt for money, but she had it plenty. She never dreamt of populrity, but she had it. She never ever dreamt that people should treat her as someone noble or knowledgeable person,but they do..

She dreamt for a family,a happy family.which she didn’t get. She dreamt for love, but she didn’t get. She dreamt of care, but she never get it.

How strange na it is!!!

Tell me friends, whom can we make responsible for her situation.

Let me know,in your beautiful beautiful comments.

Lot’s of love and thanks…♥️♥️♥️♥️🌹🌹🌹

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31 thoughts on “Simple girl with difficult life

  1. Both God and herself, God created a situation.. Rich, popular, butt kissed.. It’s her responsibility to find good in it. Love herself, and understand that while she is still alive, that simple family is possible to create.

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  2. “Tell me friends, whom can we make responsible for her situation.” i feel only ourselves can be held “responsible” and no one can be “made” responsible for the life we lead. each person is in charge of their destiny and they are they only ones to change the path they are on.

    i feel we all have some if not all the feelings expressed in this post. and they can be a natural part of ones life. it seems, the more i try to keep my life simple, the more complicated it becomes. i like the thoughts in this post. and how can someone find someone that may have the same feelings if they do not put those feelings out for the wind to scatter them??

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