I heard from my Christian friend(if I’m not wrong). Whenever they perform a sin and if they want to confess it, in a church, there like wooden barrier(like a window). In which oneside the person will stand and other side the father(church father). We can confess everything through that window. And it remains all time secret between the window,the father and the person. There is a belief that the sinner is confessing his sons to the Christ through the mediator. After such act, he will be sinless.

I got this idea very interesting. It’s not that,we can go to heaven after death or we can do whatever we want and confess infront of father. No, the beauty about the idea is, making the person burden free after the confession.

If we do some mistakes and we know that we have done wrong. Then a sense of burden will be on our heart and mind too. We can’t focus on anything. We become restless and don’t know what to do and whom to say. We didn’t able to focus on anything.

But if we confess infront of tht person or any other one whom we believe. Then a magic happens. All the burden from our heart and brain will washed off. And we do feel sry for them as we are confessing. And remember this chapter for lifetime.

Confession is a very good tool to be stree-free my friends. If you have any such confessions I’ll suggest you to make it as early as possible. Then u too can feel the magic.

My part of work has completed,now it’s your turn..

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8 thoughts on “Confession

  1. Confessing directly to the Triune GOD is very relieving! Giving to JESUS all our sins, and anxieties is a burden free feeling knowing He will answer/lighten our load and He cleanses all our sins. GOD bless you, Miss Dimple!

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  2. Very nice information. Confession is best act of relieving once stress.Nikola Tesla has rightly said “Energy can neither be created and nor destroyed”,in same way whatever the thoughts and emotions one is having in his/ her subconscious mind,when they are vent down through writing or confession then insides pressure and stress gets relieved.Thanks πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

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