It’s not necessary

It’s not necessary who brings smile in everyone’s face, he is also happy,

It’s not necessary who always smiles in pictures, he is actually smiling,

Who motivates everyone, who knows he may cries at night on himself,

Before everyone he is a chill dude, but inside he is alone,

Who can solve everyone’s problem, but himself is troubling with his own

Who knows, he may want to share this with everyone,but he can’t

Who is silent from outside,who knows how much noise he had inside

Who is always surrounded with crowd,but somewhere he is alone

Looking at him,people say one should live life like this

But who knows,he may questions everyday to himself,what is this life?

Who seems to be an open book

But with lots of secrets!!!!

Who is in everyone’s eye, but the real one is hidden somewhere..

This is the dark truth of our lives friend,we imitate, act to hide our feelings. We don’t want to show the real one to the outside well. We don’t to be weak infront of others. Cause we scared what other’s may think.

It’s not at all necessary how we look, we are like that. Remember one thing, the person who laugh the most has hidden darkest pain in his/her heart.

Let me know, According to you. Is this correct or wrong..

Thnx for using your precious time,to read my blogs. Overwhelmed…🥰

Published by missdimplecom

Present here to develop my writing skills.

8 thoughts on “It’s not necessary

  1. “Remember one thing, the person who laugh the most has hidden darkest pain in his/her heart” i feel this line is very true. many comedians use comedy to hide pain. we sometimes need to look “between the lines” of what people say/do to really see who they are. poets/writers many times show what they are like by what they write. the same with photographers. sometimes people over compensate to hide their fears or who they really are. example: a person who over compensates about people being gay, maybe themselves gay and is hiding that fact.

    good post and a nice new profile pic!!

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  2. WHAT YOU ASK…is indeed correct! The most scary for me…is having someone see what’s going on inside of me! Yet there are signs that can be interpreted….sometimes very unconsciously by them displaying them! Maturity is in how the receiver/interpreter uses that information!

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