Sky is purple

You may think, how it can be possible. Sky is in blue colour. We all know that. Then how sky become purple for a boy, let’s know about it:

A boy, studying in grade 3. Find of drawing pictures. Whatever he feels,he never spoke up, draw a picture to express those feelings. Drawing is not just a habit for him but also a life. It gives him life to cherish, to be happy.

One day while he was drawing a sky picture. He look around for the colour blue. It is missing. Oh no! What will happen now. How can I complete the picture, I want to gift it to my friend. He started crying and shouting blue colour is Missing. Blue colour is missing.

His mother ran from the kitchen and hug him. Don’t cry,let me know,what happened. Tell me.. Utter child,what happen. He was crying and uttering only one thing “Blue colour is Missing”, “Blue colour is missing”.

After a while, after his mother’s soothing. Finally, he told her that he want to present a drawing in his friends birthday. But now, blue colour is missing,so he can’t paint the sky and his drawing will be incomplete. What shall he do now???. Shall he draw any other picture, but this is his favourite one.

The boy’s mother laughed loudly and hug him. Oh dear! You are crying for this. This not a big problem at all. The boy became angry. Is it seems silly for you. Now how can I complete the picture.

Mother took him close and say. Ok,tell me onething who told you that sky should be only in blue colour,why can’t it be in another colour. The boy replied, my drawing teacher told me. We should colour sky in blue colour.

Mother replied, your teacher is right. For her sky is in blue colour,as it is her favourite colour. Do you know, God gives every human there particular portion of sky,which they can fly and cherish their dreams. Now tell me, does you and your teacher’s favourite flower is same. He says no. Does you and yours teacher’s favourite dish is same. He again said no. Then why should both of your sky colour should be same.

This is your sky, you can decorate it with your own colours. The boy felt happy and he drew it in a purple colour. As it is his favourite colour.

Hope I able to deliver the message,which I want to convey through this long story. Everyone has their own sky,they should decorate it with their own dreams and own colours not of others.

Have a nice day everyone

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