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General v/s closed people

They are two types of people in our life. General people,whom we know in a common. We only exchange hi, hello’s. A normal brief chat we have with them. We never go in details about our thinking. General we have such type of relationship with our colleagues,and relatives and sometimes with our classmates. Whom weContinue reading “General v/s closed people”

Everyone can be a teacher

I don’t have any idea about other country people’s mindset. I know mine people’s.. Whether we agree or not, it’s reality that most of people donot like the teacher’s job so much.. I mean,they didn’t feel proud of it… This is the reason they want to make their child either doctor or engineer. They feelContinue reading “Everyone can be a teacher”

What’s new???

You know friend, whenever I think about any topic. I always felt what’s new in this?? These are so regular ones.. why would anyone like to read my blog. And I waste most of the time in searching the answer. I would say, most of my productive time… I follow other’s blogs,writings even youtubers toContinue reading “What’s new???”

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