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In the Jar

Hold it tight It’s ready to reveal Yes I know, it’s struggling alot To come out To show off But beware it can’t You know very well Y it can’t be free It’s good for all To let it be .. Once again hold it tightly It’s better to be with thee .. Hold theContinue reading “In the Jar”


An unique bond with u Neither I left u, nor u… It’s became a constant habit In search of u My days begins and ends too with u You, you and only u… You come to me in different forms Sometimes as a vehicle, Sometimes as an opportunity Sometimes as an expectation Sometimes as aContinue reading “Waiting”

An impromptu journey

Journey which was totally unpredictable and unplanned. Journey that enters into the life suddenly and changes everything overnight. Journey which become so significant which change not only the planning but also the dreams about life(future life). Hebha, a smart confident lady, who is doing wonderful in her life. doesn’t have any questions or guilt, sheContinue reading “An impromptu journey”

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