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Everyone has their own style. They do keep maintaining it. This adaptation give a path to unique identity. Yesterday,while I was coming home. I come across such one of the unique identity. I was walking on the lane, which is both side covered with huge buildings..or u can say multistorey buildings. Everyone has its ownContinue reading “Uniqueness”

Powerful words

..Powerful words from Anthony Hopkins: ”Let go of people who aren’t ready to love you yet! This is the hardest thing you’ll have to do in your life and it will also be the most important thing: stop giving your love to those who aren’t ready to love you yet. Stop hard conversations with peopleContinue reading “Powerful words”

Be inspired

Inspiration, we all need it to lead a happy life. It is one of the ingredient to make our life meaningful.. Getting inspiration and being inspiration are two different things but related. Once we get inspired by anyone, we followed their footsteps and build our life like them..Atleast try to built it… Later we becameContinue reading “Be inspired”

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